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Welcome to the portfolio of Tomi Lahdesmaki.
Design, direction and illustration. Portland based, Finland forged.

NIMBUS – Branding and Website Design

MAN CITY – Creative Direction and Website Design


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Hi I’m Tomi Lahdesmaki. I began my career in San Francisco, at the digital brand studio Method. Before that I ran around forests of Finland throwing lightning spells and wielding a foam sword (very real looking one). While the two worlds, technology design and woods of fantasy, seem quite different, they have both taught me that everything can be conquered just as long as you pack a good lunch for the journey.

From San Francisco, I transferred over to Method’s London office, further evolving as a designer at the intersection of brand and digital. After Method I joined to help start Code and Theory’s London office. Since then I have worked as a freelancer and product designer in-house. Eventually landing in Portland, where I am currently a Design Director at Team Studio.

TRIGALAX – Branding, Illustration and Typography Design 
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PONY APP – Product Design and Illustration

DOUGLAS CAFE – Branding and Typography Design

LEFT WING LOCK – Branding and Product Design

NIKE SB – Branding and Illustration

STYLIGHT – Creative Direction and Branding

COPA 90 – Creative Direction and Website Design

MASTADON – Typography Design  and Illustration

MARKKU PHOTO – Branding and Website Design

TUSKA FESTIVAL – Branding Proposal

DALTON MAAG – Website Design and Illustration

OLD TOBY – Typography Design and Illustration

ILLUSTRATION – Mixed Self-Initiated Projects

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